Leandro Paoletti
    Management Consultant

I have been working in the market for a long time as a freelander and above all my job is to promote the sale of products and services by collaborating to the growth of companies.

I'm a commercial and business consultant, I help companies sell their products or services on the italian and foreign markets, with importers and foreign consultants who over time have become friends and especially in Brazil where I have a lot of members.

I started my career as an employee in the small companies in the commercial sector, then a freelancer in the trade and marketing sector. Passionate from the start of communication technologies by the Internet, I have specialized in various programs, especially in e-commerce and e-learning, and on the latter I also wrote a book, still visible on the Internet, but no on sale, now overtaken by technological innovations; however, in this area I am always updated and so helpful in conferences dealing with e-learning and its issues.

Then I am also passionate about history and I am a researcher. Also I offer myself for meetings and conferences on the history of Italian emigration especially that towards Brazil and Argentina. In these nations with friends who live in those places we develop together cultural and artistic projects, particularly on the Italian presence.

I forgot my degree in sociology, I do lessons on Methodology of Social Research in private courses and inside the web I am owner of sites that deal with the human sciences and I opened in social networks some groups who discuss the issues.

In recent years I have joined the "Poliarte" - Academy of Fine Arts in Ancona as a partner and manager of internationalization and I mainly follow the contacts in the world in training partnerships in the fashion and interior sector.

I think I said everything.

leandro paoletti

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